From wheat to bread


  • Learning all the steps from the wheat to bread;
  • Recognizing the different types of cereals; 
  • Observing the main farming activities; 
  • Recognizing the most common plants, uses and properties. 


  • Preparing a some food with flour; 
    (The thrill of kneading. Contact with the flour is directed. They will come up with something ready to eat, pasta, pizza, cakes or bread).


  • Herbs: meaning, use and properties; 
  • Lab: "what do I see, feel and touch?" (Knowing the plants through the involvement of senses). 

The farm:

  • Visiting the farm, getting close to the animals

The story of a grain of wheat: :

  • Ear’s observation;
  • Distinction of different types of cereals (oats, wheat, durum wheat, corn); 
  • Learning about local flours used our territory; 
  • Lab: "hand-made pasta"

Mani in pasta