School in Farm

Since 2004, groups of kids can be directly involved in several kinds of agricultural activities suggested by the Agritourism during the year.


Through the direct participation of each single kid, it is possible to be immersed in the real rural life and understand where the products that we consume each day come from, and how much work is needed to produce them. 


Bambini al lavoro


All the way through the picking up and cooking of primary ingredients, the children develop a better sensibility to the local products, which are present in our territory where they also understand how to properly use them.


Moreover, thanks to our location, kids can get closer to the fascinating history of transhumance. 
A walk along the RegioTratturo can be the right choice to experience all the activities carried out by the shepherds for their families.


Our territory, which seems so hidden, were, til few years ago, crossed by thousands of shepherds and their flocks from all over the Apennines. A story that we are inclined to carry on through our younger generations. 

Gruppo di bambini


In the end, kids can experience the broad collection of herbs and the ancient agricultural tools, all located in the agritourism.
A fascinating world made by perceptions and discoveries. 


The educational tours are: 
1. From wheat to bread 
2. The Regio Tratturo and the shepherds activities
3. Herbs and bees