Our history

In 1922 the Di Gruttola family, original of this territory, laid the foundations of the rural house that has seen four generations grow up,




Our grandfather Saverio, who inherited this farm, made the most of his experience to give an excellent service to the local rural community regarding the natural fecundation of the cows. Most of the local breeders had few cows, the cost for having their own bull was too high, this activity in few years became really successful.




From the wedding of Saverio and Angela, Antonietta was born, our mother as well as excellent chef, who decided with Rinaldo, our father, to let the people know the culture and flavours of our family.


La famiglia Di Rubbo


From the agricultural estate, the Regio Tratturo agritourism was created, a rural residence for those people seeking a relaxing stay in a pleasant homely atmosphere.


Angelica, Pasquale, Annarita.

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Traditional cuisine, a family passion

Our cuisine is traditional and genuine. Typical recipes of our land are prepared with organic products of our farm.