Herbs and bees


  • recognizing the most common plants and herbs around the farm, and grasp the peculiarities of them;
  • learning the most important herbs, plants and trees used for honey production;
  • learning insects visiting the plants;
  • identifying differences and similarities between bees and similar insects; 
  • observing farming activities; 


  • touching a plant and describing it; 
  • playing a game "looking for the lost plant" (looking among several plants around the farm, one in particular);
  • cooking a special dish with herbs.


  • Herbs: Meaning, use and peculiarities;
  • Lab: "what do I see, smell and touch?" (Knowing the plants through the involvement of the senses); 
  • Insects under the microscope: Observation of local insects;

The farm:

  • Visiting the farm, getting close to the animals.