The best products
of our land.

Since 1911, the love for farming, tenacity and desire of being more and more attentive to the needs of our guests, has generated a process of innovation that today sees our farm more and more fundamental for our agritourism. 
Since 1996, the farm, according to the organic agriculture principles, ensures high quality products, in respect to the environment, human health, plants and animals welfare. 
The production of wheat is entirely used for the daily production of handmade pasta and delicious desserts. 
The fruit, legume and vegetable sectors are the ones requiring a greater effort in order to ensure the display of fresh products during the year. 
In addition, the cage-free farming of rabbits, sheep and black pigs ensures everyday tasty dishes for our guests. 
Our farm, moreover, gives you the opportunity to know the ancient fruits and a broad collection of herbs through guided tours and tastings of delicious dishes.


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Traditional cuisine, a family passion

Our cuisine is traditional and genuine. Typical recipes of our land are prepared with organic products of our farm.