The guests, during the stay, can be involved in:

  • cooking courses;
  • agricultural activities like vegetables harvests and honey production;
  • special parties arranged on the farmyard;
  • walking, hiking, biking, horse riding along the Regio tratturo road;
  • visiting local farms and experiencing local food tastings;
  • sightseeing ancient villages and archaelological sites along the Regio Tratturo Road;
  • seminars of Italian language;

The agritourism also features a field for multiple sports (tennis, soccer and basket), bocce court, ping-pong and a museum of ancient agricultural tools.

Campo da tennis



The agritourism is spreading throughout the territory the archery practice, by training a professional group of archers who periodically participates in local competitions. Archers of all ages and experience levels are welcome and encouraged to come.


Tiro con l'arco

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Traditional cuisine, a family passion

Our cuisine is traditional and genuine. Typical recipes of our land are prepared with organic products of our farm.


Our guests, in order to take home a piece of our tradition, can buy our delicious products and other locally produced products, chosen with care.