The authentic flavours
of our traditional cuisine

What other way allows us to discover a land if not through its typical cuisine? 
Antonietta, with the same passion as with her family, continuously proposes unique and delicious dishes according to the ancient recipes handed to her from her ancestors. Tasty dishes are daily cooked using products harvested mainly on our farm but also in other local farms. All year long handmade pasta is served; orecchiette, cicatielli, fusilli, tagliatelle and valuable "cavaiuoli" (delicious caskets filled with ricotta cheese).

Moreover, the rearing of animals lets us serve on the table delicious wild rabbits with eggs, typically used in the past as an appetizer during wedding receptions; sausage with potatoes and peppers, a traditional breakfast of reapers; stuffed pigeon, tasty grilled meats of lamb, goat, beef and pig and much more. 
What a better time to discover the delicious flavour of the officinal plants for cooking? You can enjoy our appetizers of fried sage, elder flowers, flowers of acacia, omelettes with thyme and rustic rosemary doughnuts. In addition, you can appreciate our organic bread cooked with herbs such as wild fennel, borage, chicory and rocket.


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Traditional cuisine, a family passion

Our guests, in order to take home a piece of our tradition, can buy our delicious products and other locally produced products, chosen with care.